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Creative agency software, designed by a creative agency.

Manage clients, files and resources all in one place. 

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How it works


Client Management

Manage your agency's day-to-day client information, files, and team members in one centralized location.

Manage Creative Files Effectively

Store and manage all your client files in one centralized location. Our visual-first asset display, categories, tags, and "variations" feature allow your team and clients to locate files easily and quickly.

24/7 Client Self-Service Portal

Provide your clients with a top-tier customer experience by offering a friendly, branded portal where they can independently access creative files and reports. This will also benefit your team by reducing high-touch interactions for routine tasks like file sharing.

Time Tracking (coming soon)

Utilize our in-app time tracking to understand how much time is spent on each project. This allows for effective resource management and accurate forecasting for future projects, thus increasing efficiency and profitability.

Why eShelf ?


Provide a user-friendly client portal that serves as a central hub for accessing files and reporting. 


One centralized place for creative files and resource management. Bye-bye to scattered disjointed apps to run your agency.


Safely store and share client creative assets using cloud storage specifically designed for businesses. Maintain control and audit access by team members and clients.


To support creative agencies run profitable businesses

Creative operations, made simple

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