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Finally, an operations platform purpose-built for creative agencies.

Save, manage, and share client creative files efficiently (and beautifully). 

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How it works


Manage your creative assets smarter

Keep related creative bundled together in one preview window. For example, you can find the same video with different aspect ratios and corresponding source files in the same place. This helps minimize search time and keeps everything organized in one place.

24/7 Self Service Portal

Offer a world-class client and agency team experience by providing a welcome portal where teams can independently access all agency information and assets in one place. Minimizing high-touch interactions for mundane tasks such as file sharing.

Customer relationship management

Manage day-to-day agency clients' information, files, and team members, all in one centralized place.

Provide your customers with individual approach

We help you structure your workspace for the best adaptation.

Why eShelf ?


Provide a user-friendly client portal that serves as a central hub for accessing files. This ensures that both clients and team members can easily find and exchange creative assets.


Offer a seamless experience by discouraging the use of scattered and adhoc file links. Instead, promote a systematic approach to locating and sharing creative resources.


Safely store and share client creative assets using cloud storage specifically designed for businesses. Maintain control and audit access by team members and clients.

Supporting creative agencies simplify their workflows

Creative operations, made simple

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